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Sacrament Life Boutique designs lifestyle products & programs as part of a member centered support system. Subscribers engage in many different ways, encouraging the faithful to participate in the mystical gifts offered through the Body of Christ. 


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What Are the Sacraments

The Sacraments Unite Christians

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The Word Was Made Flesh

Sacrament Life by Elizabeth Shauby

Offering the faithful a path to understand words and actions by embracing the word made flesh dwelling among us.

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HeavenBound Audio Stories by Elizabeth Shauby

Home Parties

Sacrament Lifestyle Home Parties by Elizabeth Shauby

Biz Boost & Partners

Ministry Businesses by Elizabeth Shauby

The Sacramentalist Podcast

The Sacramentalist by Elizabeth Shauby

Sacrament Match

Sacrament Marriage Match by Elizabeth Shauby

Sacrament Life Videos

Short Sacrament Lifestyle Videos by Elizabeth Shauby

Sacrament Life Store

Sacrament Lifestyle Shop by Elizabeth Shauby

Sacrament Life Books

Home Parties for Sacrament Lifestyle by Elizabeth Shauby

Sacrament Life Social Media

Social Media Communities by Elizabeth Shauby

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Gallery of Jesus Instituting the Sacraments

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