Refund Policy- updated as of 11/29

Refund Policy

Pour in Spirit and are ministries. We help thousands of people every month get comfortable loving the Sacrament Life, without having a divided existence. 

So please review the following Refund and Return Policy

All customers with an active member account: refund and returns are available, as part of the membership.

To be an active member means we know you. Whether that be through feet on the street we know each other, or we know you through social media engagements over the past several years or you purchased from us, listened to our podcasts and receive emails from us frequently. Pour in Spirit and have a pulse on our active members because; at the time of activation we recognize your name and email. Or you dropped us a line reminding us. We will also reach out to you as a member placing orders to make sure we are engaging with a genuine customer in hopes to get the order right.

So as an active member, Pour in Spirit has established the relationship as one that offers mutual respect for Sacrament Ministry work, whether that be as a Protestant or a Catholic or a Hebrew Catholic or an Orthodox etcetera. 

As an active member seeking a refund or return here is the process:

  1. Contact us within ten days of receiving the order. Please be specific with account name and name identified with purchase, address and exact product information. Easily do this through email at Make sure to title the message Refund or Return request. Identify if you seek exchange or full refund or a store credit. Please do not request refunds or returns through social media channels.
  2. As quickly as possible we will identify we received your email. If we did not respond almost immediately please text us asap at 312-929-1099.
  3. Once we gather all the information about your order allow 48 hours for us to respond. Could be quicker depending on the size of the order.
  4. We will send you a response that offers either refund, exchange or store credit if product was delivered damaged, wrong size or didn’t match requested specifications. 

If you want to know more, email

Blessings, Elizabeth Shauby

Pour in Spirit Ministries